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  • Shawntae’s my name. I go to Tidewater Community College with a banging 4.0. GPA. In the fall I plan on going to ODU for theatre. I want to do music or dance – Broadway musical stuff! I’m a very real person. I speak my mind regardless! I surround myself with positive people. I have a boyfriend right now but we don’t have sex. I’m not a virgin. I started having sex when I was 15 years old with a guy that had a girlfriend. It was like, he was with me but he was with her too. I was told by friends that it felt better to have sex without a condoms. Dumb me.

  • Will is a guy from around the way and this is his true story. You might know him, or someone like him or even be like him yourself. Will has made a few mistakes and he is talking about it with the hopes that he can help someone else who might find themselves in the same situation. After you listen to the story and the music, tell us a little about you and what you think about Will.

  • I’m Shaelynn, headed to Howard University after I graduate from Maury High this spring. My parents both went to Howard so I sort of have to go too. I stay at home a lot and my parents are kind a protective. My boyfriend David chills with me and we go to movies, the mall and – meet up at my house. I had never met a guy who didn’t want anything from me before him. He actually brings me up not tears me down. It is refreshing. I’m like WOW. I dealt with guyswho were verbally abusive and always tried to pressure me for sex; be their “cutty buddy”.

  • Next Victim…I’m Trae, home grown boy from the Peninsula. I moved to Virginia Beach in middle school and went to Princess Ann High. Light skinned, hazel eyes and used to getting what I want. I go to the club Peabody’s and The Cave; a few years back my thing was get a number, call her. If we ain’t doing it by two weeks then I’m back at the club looking for my next victim. If I told my boys on the basketball team that I got with her or her, I would get some dap. Females were like trophies to us and I get a lot of them.

  • They call me La La. Basically I lived here all my life, but we moved around a lot in Chesapeake. I had like a stable home, but not really cause my mom wasn’t always there when I was younger. I always had babysitters til my older sisters moved back in. I was basically raised by them. I don’t hang around females cause females cause a lot of drama and confusion. So I surround myself with guys. I figure I won’t have to worry about things getting out. We just go to movies and Greenbrier Mall and stuff like that. Like I said, my sisters raised me. My mom was an alcoholic.

  • My mom has HIV, knowing her status is what really give me encouragement to believe and …don’t have sex yet. Because of her I have realized that you can’t tell who has HIV. She is so strong and beautiful. It is strange how she got it. She trusted the man she was seeing and that person gave her HIV.

  • I’m Darryl. I dropped out of Murray last year cause I had a lot on me. My momma’s cracked out most of the time and my father is an alcoholic. My older sister Janice had her first baby when she was 16; Raheim is his name and he is 4 now. We live in Huntersville. It’s a trap house! Yeah, there is no one there to look at and to want to be like so I just didn’t care. Took lots of chances like I didn’t use condoms with my girl and never even thoughy twice about them, for real…I just didn’t care.

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  • It’s like we all got choices and I gotta find a way to knock out these pressures and just pray. I want to be strong.   Have your own story […]

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