(Norfolk, VA) – The non-profit organization TWP (Teens with a Purpose) -The Youth Movement is creating a safe and healthy DSC_0208community in Norfolk with F.U.S.E. Fest a teen driven, youth inspired event encouraging unity in the community with a focus on family fun for all ages. This interactive event, modeled after F.U.S.E Teen Fest 2013, Teens With a Purpose’s 17th annual teen event, held at the Vivian C. Mason Teen Center, will continue to spark conversations, connect people, promote health and encourage change. This year’s event emphasizes UNITY to help instill positive values, such as respect, neighborhood pride and beautification plus the spirit of team work all the while engaging and entertaining the entire family. The focus is predominately on youth under 12 generation Z. This event, delivered in three concentric events that build upon one another and connect with the theme of F.U.S.E.

F.U.S.E. will bring excitement, fun, health and community engagement to Calvert Square and Young Terrance neighborhoods. It was Councilman Paul Riddick’s vision to bring a positive, fun, community event that can resonate with all the ages within these communities. Youth volunteers will come from within the community and from Abundant Life Church, Project Life, Camp Inspired and other Teens With a Purpose Members and supporters. F.U.S.E. will provide positive family connections, a caring neighborhood, community support, empowerment, constructive use of time, a learning experience, positive values, social competency and positive identities are essential to help young children grow up healthy caring and responsible.

Guests’ attending includes, Norfolk City Councilman Paul Riddick and Norfolk City Manager, Marcus Jones, these events will experience original music, captivating drama and soul piercing spoken word poetry written and performed by this generation’s bravest new voices. The members of Teens With a Purpose are known for their unique approach to empowering young people to use their voice, talent and power for personal and social change. Live art produced by local artist will engage guests to add their artistic expressions to a mural that will be on display. Guests can register for free at 2014FUSEFestival.Evenbrite.com.

Dance & Culture, Thursday, July 31st, 4-8pm
Sunset Movie Night, Thursday, August 14th, 5-9pm
Fashion Show & Concert, Tuesday, August 26th, 4-8pm