Next Victim…I’m Trae, home grown boy from the Peninsula. I moved to Virginia Beach in middle school and went to Princess Ann High. Light skinned, hazel eyes and used to getting what I want. I go to the club Peabody’s and The Cave; a few years back my thing was get a number, call her. If we ain’t doing it by two weeks then I’m back at the club looking for my next victim. If I told my boys on the basketball team that I got with her or her, I would get some dap. Females were like trophies to us and I get a lot of them.

I remember these two cousins in our high school that were the hot topic. Everybody wanted them. I liked one of’m. Her name was Lisa. But, I never spit game her way. I thought she was too classy for me. One day my boys said they were going home with Lisa and her cousin. The plan was to get down on them – bare back, like we had done with so many other girls who liked us. But this time, I figured if I went, I probably would be the only one that wouldn’t get any so I went back to class instead. When they came back to school no body looked like they were disappointed. Fine, classy Lisa was a straight up freak! She let all my boys have some.

A year after I graduated, I heard that Lisa had really gone down. She passed away and she was only 20. We all wondered what caused it. Until Lisa’s death I had never even thought about cutting back on having sex with so many girls. They said that she had AIDS. We didn’t know if it was true or not but it made me think about how many of my boys had Lisa. Then I thought about the girls that I did who my boys did too. Like 6 degrees of separation. What if Lisa really had it? What if she gave it to one of my boys and he gave it to one of the girls I had and she gave it to me? I could have gotten HIV or something else from Lisa without even “being with her”. Dude, that’s messed up! I could have been the next victim of HIV. Now I don’t think that I need to have so many girls any more. I’ve got enough trophies on my shelf.


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