Will is a guy from around the way and this is his true story. You might know him, or someone like him or even be like him yourself. Will has made a few mistakes and he is talking about it with the hopes that he can help someone else who might find themselves in the same situation. After you listen to the story and the music, tell us a little about you and what you think about Will. Completing the short survey at the bottom of the page. Leave us your e-mail address and you will be entered in our monthly drawing for a cool prize!

My name is Will. I live in Norfolk with my mother and sister. I’m 17. Anyway, I go to Booker T. and I’m a senior, graduating. I play a lot of instruments, so I do band and pretty much anything else that deals with music. Sometimes I like to chill, you know, spend time at home or I hang out with a couple of people on the regular. We normally go to MacArthur Mall because it has all of the good stores. It’s mostly girls I hang out with. But I’m still living the single life. The last time I had a steady relationship was in the 10 th grade and we are still cool. I hang out with her from time to time.

A couple of months ago, she was at the house and stayed all night. We were watching TV, just chilling out, you know. Talking at first about how things used to be. She got close to me, and I gave in to temptation. I just started like really missing the past and everything. So old feelings got mixed in and one thing led to another and it just happened. When I knew what was going down, condoms were the first thing that popped into my head. I know a lil bit about the facts but I didn’t use them. In the heat of the moment, I just got caught up. I thought I am “DTF”, and I didn’t want to stop. Later I thought things through, but it didn’t change what had happened. I had unprotected sex with her. It was intense for me you know; I was like “not cool”. I was really upset about it. My friends know how to be safe and so do I. my mom and I had talked about sex, she understands, But I make my own decisions. Yeah, just recently a teacher was talking about high schools in the DC area having like a high percentage of students with HIV and I was like “Aww sh*t man”, that did it for me! I’m not trying to be a part of some percentage. They talked about everything though; HIV and STD’s, and it scared the hell out of me! Now, I’m doing good for myself, and I ain’t trying to mess it up with a pregnancy. That whole experience that night put me in the front seat, and let me see how risk really felt. Now I’m not gonna try to be so risky. I would like to abstain, but just in case I don’t, I’m planning to use a condom every time.


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