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TWP RaisesUp Against the Drop Out Crisis

Teens With a Purpose joins the national campaign against the High School drop out crisis. TWP is engaging Hampton Roads youth to write original poems or rap songs addressing this issue. Youth have an opportunity to win a $5,000 scholarship if chosen.

More about the Raise Up Project

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN TO RAISE UP. Although graduation rates have been increasing, it’s not enough. Too many young people are leaving high school without graduating. Youth are often isolated, alienated and silent. We want you to be a part of changing that trend. We’re asking you to help take on the drop out crisis by submitting a video of yourself performing an original rap or spoken word poem on the topic of young people not graduating (or leaving before coming back to get their degree). Tell us if you think it’s important to get your degree, and what barriers are in your way and/or in the way of so many young people to accomplishing that goal. The American public and special guest judges – including Rosario Dawson, Russell Simmons, Dule Hill, Common, Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Glynn Washington, James Kass, George Watsky, Beau Sia, and Russlynn Ali – will vote for their favorite pieces. Five winners will receive a $5,000 educational scholarship, a trip to Washington D.C. to perform at the Kennedy Center on September 28, and the opportunity to be featured in a National Public Radio series. Scholarships are provided courtesy of the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation. Submit your video through June 30 to have your story heard.

Hampton Roads Youth join in on the conversation, we want to hear from you on why you think High School students drop out.  Make sure to mention Teens With a Purpose. Answer Yes to “Affiliated with Brave New Voices?” If, so which partner? Teens With a Purpose

Here’s are examples from Hampton Roads Youth:

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