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FUSE Fest celebrates life and culture. FUSE Fest is irrepressible love. FUSE Fest is an intergenerational experience. This FREE event is for the people by the people … all the people! We are fusing art, music, and culture to nurture mind, body, and spirit! Get ready to experience love like you’ve never felt before at FUSE Fest – our celebration of life, culture, and everything that makes life worth living.

Saturday Aug 3, 2024 | 12-7pm
Purpose Park  801 Church St
Norfolk, VA


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Fuse Fest is a kaleidoscope of what a beloved community looks, feels, and sounds like. We are collaborating to bring community members together, fused to be stronger, healthier, and happy. Together we will direct ourselves, full of unabashed hope, into the future that we imagine for ourselves – a future of hope, unity, and peace.

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Thank you for your invaluable contribution to the TWP - THE YOUTH MOVEMENT! Through your partnership, you have not only helped to make this event possible but have also contributed to the realization of dreams and the nurturing of aspirations. Your belief in our cause has provided essential resources, ensuring that every young person involved has the opportunity to shine brightly and reach their full potential.

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