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2017 Fuse Fest

Teens With is excited to announce the expansion of FUSE FEST (Focus on Unity, Spirit and Edutainment) and the launch of the Safe Creative Community Space – a community event created to help over 1,000 community members come together, fusing to be stronger, healthy and happy. FUSE Fest was initiated in 2013 as a three part summer community experience for the surrounding community.

Now in its fifth year, this event has transformed from a small teen-led event to an integrated teen and community led experience helping over 1,000 community members come together to become strong, happy and healthy. FUSE Fest celebrates the heart of inner-city Norfolk, where health, safety and income disparities are greatest, through this intergenerational festival in the downtown Church Street District.

  1. FUSE Fest aims to dismantle negative attitudes, beliefs and unhealthy practices held by and about this community, elevate spirits and foster stronger bonds between every segment of community to help increase peace, harmony and health in Norfolk through what we are calling the Life Is Living experience! New this year, Fuse Fest will include the Safe Creative Space and Urban Garden.

  2. We are living in an unprecedented period of American and Virginian history. Violent crime and homicide rates are up in our region, drug abuse is an epidemic sweeping through every sector of our society, prisons are more overcrowded then ever and many of our local schools are not reaching minimal requirements for full accreditations. TWP has successfully built programs, events and relationships that address these issues for the past 21 year. Now we are inviting the greater community to help us continue our work at a time when help is needed most.

  3. Making a safe, healthy, inclusive community! The city is growing and thriving, but not all residents have shared in this growth. While diversity is one of our City’s most distinguishing attributes, it is also one of our greatest challenges. Poverty levels are highly concentrated in this area that contains four public housing complexes. Poverty is not spread equally among races, with high levels of poverty among minorities. Fifty-eight percent of the city’s 40,000 individuals living in poverty are black, constituting 24 percent of all blacks living in Norfolk. Creating a transformative festival with lasting social, emotional and health benefits for everyone. FUSE Festival will honor and celebrate these inner-city dwellers, their rich culture, and unique contributions.

FUSE Fest celebrates urban life, igniting hope and positive energy in our community through art, music, culture and interactive zones for all generations.

September 2rd, 2017 12-8pm 2017 Fuse Fest Sponsorship Package

Partners City of Norfolk, GEICO and The Mission Continues and numerous

community, corporate and civil groups including, but not limited to: Second Calvary Church, Garden of Hope Worship Center, Virginia Arts Festival, Tidewater Arts Outreach, Virginia Wesleyan College, Art 180 plus community artist, poets, chefs, dance and step teams, and numerous other community partners like barbers, craftsmen.

Email to join the planning committee or to become a sponsor.

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