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Better Choices – Youth Making Better Choices

Better Choices is Youth Making Better Choices, a unique youth development, violence prevention and intervention program led by teens peer mentors and adult credible messenger*. Better Choices is for 12 to 17-year-olds who may be or have been involved in the justice system looking to make better life choices.

They are seeking guidance from people who have been where they are and opportunities to earn money as they transform their lives. Better Choices is a three-part event series:

1) mentoring with trained credible messengers*;

2) music as therapy group sessions creating music in the TWP sound studio.

3) green space activities with training & development opportunities plus earned stipends. *Credible Messengers are trained adults & teens who are experienced youth advocates, and individuals with relevant life experiences

  1. Come from the same communities,

  2. May be formerly incarcerated or was involved in the justice system,

  3. Have turned their lives around,

  4. Demonstrate integrity and transformation, and

  5. Are skilled and trained in mentoring young people

  6. Certified Public Safety Professionals

Fridays at Teens With a Purpose, 4pm to 6pm

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