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Hampton Roads Hear the Future Now! 2013 HRYP Slam Fest Sweeps the Region

Hear the future as young spoken word artists  take the stage this spring. The 2013 HRYP Slam Festival joins young writers, emcees, spoken word artists & performers from the Hampton Roads area.Through qualifying slams and a grand final slam, poets compete for the chance to join the HRYP Slam Team the elite group of the Hampton Roads Youth Poets that represent and compete at various Slam’s throughout the country. It also makes them eligible for a chance to represent at Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival in Chicago this summer.

Brave New Voices, as seen on HBO, is committed to building safe spaces that challenge young people to develop and present the power of their voices. Carla Crane wrote: ‘Besides offering young people the chance for true transformation, it excels at community building, mentoring, and improving literacy and communication skills’

Teens With a Purpose is proud to be a part of a network that reflects our values and mirrors our mission.

The 2013 HRYP Slam Festival kicked off at the First Qualifying Slam on March 30th at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Arts. Rhonda Arrington, Face of Fox 43 hosted the event alongside Quayshaun Moore, a youth leader of Teens With a Purpose. Sylvantria Hawkins, Emme Rose and Khayla Walker will be moving on to the Grand Slam in June.



Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center, April 20th, 5-7p

SOUTHSIDE QUALIFYING SLAM TCC Roper Performing Arts Center, May 11th, 5-7pGRAND SLAM! NSU Student Center Theatre, June 1st, 5-7p

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