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Hear This School Clubs

Teens With a Purpose provides 20-week (October-April) literary arts partnership residencies to select Hampton Roads Public Schools.

Schools work closely with a TWP Teaching Artist to create inter- and intra-school programming in preparation for the school’s participation in SlamFest, the largest teen poetry slam in the Hampton Roads, and a final school-wide performance.

During these residencies, TWP Teaching Artists visit the school to perform original work, lead a master class, and/or critique student work, depending on the needs of the teacher. Teaching Artists show students different approaches to writing, often using pieces by acclaimed contemporary poets and lyricists as a starting point, and give students writing prompts to begin the work of crafting individual and group poems.

Education Partner schools send a team of four to ten poets to compete at SlamFest in Team competition. Most schools organize a field trip to attend one of the indy slams to show school -wide support for the team. Poetry club members not competing in the team SlamFest competition also have the opportunity to compete in ancillary TWP events, including solo/duo poetry open mics and workshops.

Program Benefits • TWP Teaching Artist instruction in class and/or after-school. • Help in coordinating and recruiting for an after-school poetry club. • Assistance in preparing for the SlamFest tournament, including instruction in both performance and poetry. • Direct student mentorship from TWP Teaching Artists. • Waived team registration fee for the SlamFest tournament. • Networking and collaboration opportunities with two other schools in your region. • Access to Chicago Writes, a unique literary curriculum.

Email for more information.

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