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(Norfolk, VA) – IKEA made Norfolk their home five months ago, and their presence is felt! But Ikea’s impact is more than stylish furniture. Ikea is committed to people and community, when they selected their

employees based on values versus skills. IKEA employees have voted to make Teens with a Purpose the recipient of their $10,000 Community Giving grant which includes a make-over and redesign of the “Living Room” at the Vivian C. Mason Arts & Technology Center for Teens. The center serves hundreds of teens yearly with their creative youth development programs: leadership, arts, community, gardens & health.

Their MISSION is to create a platform that empowers young people to use their voice, creativity, reflection and action to affect personal growth, transform lives and impact communities.

Teens With a Purpose is partnering with the City of Norfolk Economic Development to reveal the new space to the local business community. The Business Mixer with a Purpose will offer local businesses the opportunity to see the innovative, creative hub and only teen center in Norfolk that is making headlines all over the nation. Recently, Teens With a Purpose was featured at the opening event of the Something in the Water Festival and TWP teen artists and poet’s words were painted in the mural created during the festival.

TWP intersects youth development practices; civic engagement, peer leadership and high quality artistic presentation creating safe inclusive spaces that challenge young people to find, develop, publicly present and apply their voices as creators of positive social change. Their home, VCM Teen Center currently has a computer lab, humble music studio, visual arts room, and parking lot garden with 18 raised beds. Programs are offered free, year-round in partnership with the City of Norfolk, and other partners.

Teens With a Purpose was formed in 1996 by Deirdre Love. In 2007, Teens With a Purpose became TWP-The Youth Movement a 501(c) (3) non-profit youth development organization. TWP celebrates over 22 years of experience in providing peer leadership training and has been recognized both regionally and nationally.

Business with a Purpose Mixer

September 28th, 2019


VCM Teen Center

700 E Olney Road

Norfolk, VA 23504


Teens With a Purpose Our mission: TWP-The Youth Movement, also known as Teens With a Purpose, is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, creative, youth development organization, where Teens Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders.” Workshops are offered in collaboration with Norfolk Recreation, Parks and Open Space at the Vivian C. Mason Arts & Technology Center for Teensr Monday – Thursdays. For additional, information visit our website

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