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Listen 2 The Lyrics

Listen 2 The Lyrics, held April 4th, 2013, was the kick-start to a four part series titled ‘I am Hear” that celebrates Youth & Poetry Month. TWP is collaborating with Norfolk Recreation Parks & Open Space to present this four part community events that celebrate the power of words and really HEARING what they mean.

The first part of the series tackled Hip-Hop. Through Listen 2 The Lyrics, youth were empowered to be active listeners. They participated in a cool listening session which put local rappers on the hot seat, across from them were three young listeners that carefully pulled apart the lyrics of the selected song. Grace Wiggins of Listen 2 The Lyrics, facilitated an open forum where young listeners, attentively and actively listened to artists Double XL, Brandeesh and Focus songs and clearly analyzed the lyrics through questions.

The evening started with a concert by Teens With a Purpose members which was open to the community, young people performed their own positive and original music. Listen 2 the Lyrics is based out of Baltimore and uses hip-hop as a tool to develop positive attitudes towards education through critical thinking and problem solving skills in order to increase high school graduation rates of at risk male students and to create  positive self image among them. Youth will work together to learn how to make a conscious effort to effectively listen to music of their choice, in order to give serious consideration of how it relates to their lives.

Special thanks to: Art Thatcher of Norfolk Recreation Parks & Open Space (NRPOS), Grace Wiggins of Listen 2 The Lyrics, DJ Kira and of course the brave artists: Brandeesh, Double XL and Focus

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