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Spring 2019 Schedule

Summer 2019 Quarterly Program Overview

Teens Creatively Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders Join Teens With a Purpose (TWP) for free events at the Vivian C. Mason (VCM) Teen Center. Teens With a Purpose develops teens to be peer leaders who together with their adult support team help youth grow into competent, healthy people and develop to their fullest potential.

Summer @ VCM Teen Center

Mondays from 5:30p-7:30p • Ages 12-19 The Gathering Make new friends, develop your talents, become a leader. Join TWP each Monday for this free gathering. Participants receive incentives for volunteerism and community edutainment.

Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30pm • Ages 12-19 Poetry Workshops Spoken Word Poetry has become a national trend. Now more than ever young people are picking up their pens and stepping up to microphones profoundly and poetically expressing themselves. Be a part of TWP Poetry Workshops to develop writing, performance and critical thinking, skills through performance poetry.

Wednesday from 5:30 – 730pm Ages 12-19 Just AART Music Workshops Just AART Just AART is a new arts and technology component of TWP. Learn to create positive music, rap, poetry and videos as both a performer and the engineer behind the technology that makes it all happen. Here you can become part of the weekly broadcasted Radio show 757 Teen Connect.

Weeknight programs also include: Visual art, gardening, hip hop yoga, community yoga, Youth Circle-group talk and a teen open mic.

Hear This Summer Camp June 17th – June 28th Campers will bond, enjoy field trip, arts, outdoor activities and exploring the world of spoken word poetry. They will explore language in ways that are fun and exciting by creating original positive music, rap, poetry and videos. Camp Inspired July 15th – July 26th A curriculum-driven, teen leadership program offered free of- charge. Camp Inspired teen’s have a unique summer experience, including outdoor activities, field trips, visual and mass media art, photography, guest speakers, cook-outs and so much more! Most importantly, Camp Inspired is led by powerful, passionate teen peer leaders, supported by an adult team. *Camps are free of charge, registration is required. Open to rising seventh through rising twelfth grade students. Other activities include: field trips, mass media art, photography, guest speakers, cook-outs and so much more!

Busch Gardens Field Trip July 31st, 2019, 8am-8pm Community field trip to Busch Gardens. Costs are associated with this field trip.

My Block is Beautiful June 28th, 2019, 4pm-7pm My Block is Beautiful, a block party with a purpose. The St. Paul’s quadrant community is celebrated through interactive art, music, health, food & more! My Block is Beautiful is free and open to the public.

2019 F.U.S.E – Life is Living Festival July 27th, 2019 Noon – 8pm at the Safe Creative Community Space Festival celebrating urban life through live music, arts, culture, crafts, interactive fun, food and more! The festival will also include Art and Cultural Workshops; Health Awareness & Screenings, Food, Arts & Craft Vendors. All located at Vivian C. Mason Teen Center, 700 E. Olney Rd., Norfolk, VA 23504

For more information on these events and programs call (757) 747-2679 or visit

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