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Three More Poets Move on the Grand Slam Finals during the 2014 HRYP Slam Fest!


Teens With a Purpose CELEBRATED the youth voice, power, identity and imagination this past Saturday at the last qualifying Slam held at the TCC Roper Performing Arts Center in Norfolk.  Courageous youth poets took the stage with one objective – to share their stories. All participants will move on as new members of the Hampton Roads Youth Poetry Team and the top three ranking have qualified to compete at the Grand Slam Finals.  Congratulations to Shajhea “Shayla the Poet” Wilson, Ayanna Florence and Jasmine Kiah!

Besides the electrifying spoken word shared, the audience was treated to an outstanding performance by KBana Blaq and Music Made Simple, there was also a special musical tribute to Tyquisha Craig, the 18 year old young woman recently slain in Norfolk who was a relative of one of the Teens With a Purpose members.

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