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TWP Programs

TWP Programs
  • Peer Education Leadership

  • Arts Education as Enrichment

  • HealthE & Teen Camps

  • Community Outreach

ABOUT TEENS WITH A PURPOSE  Teens With a Purpose was formed in 1996 by Deirdre Love. In 2007, Teens With a Purpose became TWP-The Youth Movement a 501(c) (3) non-profit youth development organization. The organization is celebrating over 26 years of experience in providing peer leadership training and has been recognized both regionally and nationally.

OUR MISSION is to create a platform that empowers young people to use their voice, creativity, reflection and action to affect personal growth, transform lives and impact communities.

TWP intersects youth development practices; civic engagement, peer leadership and high quality artistic presentation creating safe inclusive spaces that challenge young people to find, develop, publicly present and apply their voices as creators of positive social change. TWP is committed to developing young leaders who positively impact their neighbors, classmates, schools, governments, congregations and one another.


POSITIVE TRENDSETTERS! We are making a difference every day in thousands of young peoples’ lives. Teens With a Purpose engages every young person in peer-led projects, programs and events that help them develop personal power. TWP creates opportunities for youth to succeed, influence others and to partake in various arts and humanities programs that culminate in a public performance or exhibition designed to help build self-esteem and self-efficacy.

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