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FedUp (Feeding.Everyone.Daily. Until. Perpetuity)

FedUp is a campaign that includes creating a garden, where young people stand up to end hunger in their community. In this campaign, youth volunteers will grow fresh food in their community garden and collect perishable and non-perishable foods items to help combat hunger, feeding children and families in a neighborhood where poverty is prevalent and healthy affordable food is scarce. Here is the schedule:

  1. March – April – canned food drive- drop off can food to the Vivian C. Mason Teen center.

  2. April 17th: 4 to 7pmVivian C. Mason Teen Center, 700 E. Olney Road, Norfolk, VA. Garden of Amity Planting Party takes place on Global Youth Service Day. Teens will lead this project were young people and other community members will come together to clean the garden area, plant organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs and create garden art to beautify the community garden.  A portion of the fresh produce that the garden yields, will be donated to local soup kitchens and food banks to help ensure that children never go hungry again. The party will include fresh and healthy food for volunteers, fun icebreakers, a garden art project and Yoga/Zumba!

This campaign is sponsored by GenerationOn, Disney Friends for Change, Sodexho Stop Hunger and Global Youth Service Day.

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