The arts have the ability to influence and shape youths development on a number of levels — academically, socially and emotionally.  Involvement in the arts encourages self expression — tapping into their inventiveness and creativity — and is a fun outlet that helps positively stimulate and motivate youth.

Arts Education as Enrichment program includes poetry, drama, music and dance used as a platform for self-expression and education.

Hampton Roads Youth Poets (HRYP)  The Hampton Roads Youth Poets is a division of the youth empowerment organization Teens with a Purpose, which provides a platform for youth to use talents such as poetry, music, and theater to effect change in the community through positive peer pressure. HRYP have just completed their 13th year representing the region at events such as Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam Festival and/or Write to the City.  They also compete and organize local and national events throughout the year.
YOUTH POET LAUREATE The Youth Poet Laureate Program identifies youth writers and leaders who are committed to civic/community engagement, poetry & performance, leadership and education across Southeastern Virginia (HRYPL) and the state of Virginia (VAYPL). Your work will be published in a national youth Poet Laureate anthology.