HealthE & Teen Camps – HealthE and Teen Camps combine to accelerate teens’ growth as leaders. Camps focus on building teen peer leaders and include physical activities and sessions related to personal growth, life skills, self-esteem, financial education, career exploration, and character building exercises.

HealthE=Healthy Living and Exercise – Four key programs encourage appreciation for physical health, social and emotional development.

Teen Camps – Held in the spring and summer, Teen Camps are facilitated by teens and young adults under professional supervision. Teen Camps teach leadership skills and foster personal development regarding such matters as self-esteem, goal setting, and self-discipline. Contemporary topics are addressed, such as bullying, STDs and HIV/AIDS awareness, nutrition, and other relevant topics.

Purpose Park, A Safe Creative Community Space and welcoming neighborhood space for art, entertainment, and learning in a beautiful, bountiful garden powered by Teens With a Purpose since 2017. Learn More here

Holistic, Horticultural Internship Program (Hiptern Program) – Learn More here


Open to middle & high school students – Registration is required. Space is limited.