Peer Educator Training & training programs for youth educators on various issues that teens face such as HIV/AIDS, Violence, Diversity, and Conflict Resolution.  Training is provided by Teens With a Purpose, the AIDS Resource Center, a division of Eastern Virginia Medical School, Virginia Health Department, Garden of Hope and other organizations and agencies. We use evidence-based curriculums such as Teen Health 360, Choose Respect, SafeDates, Yes! Dare to Dream curriculums, Sistah2Sistah and many others.

As the youth grow and mature, they have the opportunity to advance in the organization.

Organizational levels include:

  • FOOT SOLDIERS (Ages 12-18) New members attend weekly meetings and distribute literature about events.
  • PEER LEADERS-IN-TRAINING (Ages 13-18) Attend weekly meetings; attend at least one of the quarterly peer leader trainings; and assist with events.
  • PEER LEADERS (Ages 14-19) Attend weekly meetings, quarterly peer leader trainings; co-facilitate events and workshops; and mentor Foot Soldiers.
  • YOUTH ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS (Ages 16-24) Attend weekly meetings, monthly advisory board meetings; co-facilitate events and workshops; plan, develop and implement annual projects and events.

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