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Hampton Roads Youth Poets joined forces with spoken word youth activists from around the globe to tackle the hard-core and heavy: political inequities, abuse, racial strife, cancer. And they don’t just speak they artfully and  strategically, of course, performing profoundly – starting low and slow then rising in volume and intensity until their words are heard.

HRYP is a division of Teens With a Purpose, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to empowering Hampton Roads youth by providing young people with a platform to empower their peers to use their voices, their energy, and their abilities to demonstrate the power to effect personal change, improve the lives of others, and foster a more knowledgeable community that is more invested in both themselves and each other using the arts and through peer-led programs and events.

Started in 2007, Hampton Roads Youth Poets uses their energy, ideas and VOICE to be a change in their community. Member of HRYP cultivate and present Open Mics, attend workshops preparing young writers to address critical issues facing the world, the community, youth and the individuals. Their voice is an honest look into our youth, they address serious issues such as Hunger, Poverty, Violence, Rape, Bullying, War, and HIV/AIDS awareness. HRYP hosts a monthly open-mic night, VIBES is held on the Second Saturday of every month at BEAN THERE Cafe. The upcoming VIBES will showcase the 2012 HRYP 2012 Slam Team and the pieces they performed recently at BNV.

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