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On This Day: Do you know the Truth

Hello All! I just wanted to write this short blog in reflection of MLK Day.

November 2nd 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill creating a federal holiday dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King… as you may or may not know..left behind more than just the “I have a dream” speech. He left behind a huge legacy, that not only included being a leading Civil Rights Activist, but also included being the inspiration for Congress passing the Civil Rights Act of 1968. “Title VIII of the Act, commonly known as the Fair Housing Act, prohibited discrimination in housing and housing-related transactions on the basis of race, religion, or national origin.” Martin Luther King also inspired the creation of the Black Consciousness Movement and the Civil Rights Movement in South Africa.

Martin Luther King was a great man and inspired MANY AMERICANS as well as all who came into contact with him to act on the side of civil freedoms.However, Martin Luther King, though one of the lead civil activist of his time was not the only one.who contributed.

COMMENT ME BACK..Let me know some other civil rights activist who you think made a significant difference in our society today.

Written by Ashlee Babb, TWP Volunteer

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