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So your thinking about college….

You would think that with all the talk about the economy, that going to college would be a definite option. That obtaining a degree and even pursuing a masters would be GOLD, in the eyes of a young high school senior.


According to CNN 30 percent “of high school graduates do not go on to college right after graduation. In the workforce, a high school graduate earns on average more than someone without a diploma, but still only 60 percent of what a college graduate makes a year.”

Often times I wonder why students in their senior year of high school opt out of taking the SATs to get into to a university. SOooooo, I decided to take the liberty of listing some college myths that may contribute to the 30 percent of students who choose not to pursue higher education.


Myth #1. College is much harder that high school

In reality, college (in my opinion) is a lot like high school. Frankly, some of the classes are A LOT EASIER than in high school. I remember my freshman year of college, I had two classes called “Freshman Seminar” which was mainly a group of people just talking and interacting with one another. That Was It, just talking and socializing. Another class that I had in my Junior year was called “Story Telling”. AND GUESS WHAT WE DID…..You Guessed it, we told stories. So, the classes are what you make out of it. Regular classes such as English, Math, History, etc (which everyone has to take) are a lot like high school, it is not harder nor is it easier.

Myth #2. College students are poor and starving

Not true…kinda, this really depends on what you are offered for financial aid, or what type of financial aid you were granted (i.e loans, grants, scholarships, work study, etc). For example, if a student has a grant or loan of 50,000$ and tuition was only 12,000$, then the student would get the remaining difference back of 38,000$ ***THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE***  hmm…maybe I should try a more likely amount..OK Example #2: Lets say you received a loan for 12,000$ for a whole year of college and tuition cost 10,000 for the whole year then you would receive 2,000$ as a refund. Of course,  if you have a loan even though you are receiving this money, eventually you would have to pay it back once you graduate. Long story short, you will not be completely broke, depending on you situation. I would not suggest buying a 2013 BMW or Benz…or you probably would end up poor or starving.

Myth #3. I need to decide on my career before I can choose a college

Now, I know you have heard of college students changing there majors over and over again. You do not have to know exactly what you want to do as a career/profession when you enter into college. My first year of college, I was determined to major in medical technology and now two and a half years later I decided that political science was the way to go.

Overall, college is fun and challenging…but mainly fun. Myths such as these should not be feared but conquered!

I challenge you to research a school you are interested in today and list the pros and cons to attending…tell me about it (COMMENT OR EMAIL), let me know your college plans.

Written by Ashlee Babb, TWP Volunteer

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