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What time does the train leave????

Anybody know what time does the train leave????

Guess what month it is!!!!!!….Ok it is February which means……….FEBRUANY deals at SUBWAYYYYYY (YAY). Ok so, Subway is not the real reason why I am writing this blog. However, it still pertains to a train and not the kind of train or subway your thinking about.

Can you guess………………………………….???????????????? THE UNDERGROUD RAILROAD…duh its Black History Month. Ok so if you did not know that this month was dedicated to Black History then you have definitely been hiding under a rock.

But anyway, I mainly wanted to write about the Underground Railroad…and sadly this was brought on by a Subway commercial. However, as you may or may not know the Underground Railroad was not actually a railroad or train system at all. Straight from the PBS network, the Underground Railroad was a huge network of people that helped runaway slaves escape from South. This network system helped moved hundreds upon hundreds of slaves to the North as well as Canada each year.  Historians are estimating that this network to help escaped slaves began in the late 18th century.

Nicknamed the “Underground Railroad” in 1831, they coincidentally had a lot of railroading terms. For example, homes that escaped slaves stayed in were called “stations” and “conductors” were responsible for moving slaves from one station to the next.

So What Do You Think? Could you have escaped during that time?

Oh and by the way….the “Great Escape” was not easy. Never mind travelling 10 to 20 miles between stations, running from dogs, slave masters,  and hiding in barns for your life…seems like pretty heavy stuff to deal with.

Harriet Tubman…one of the most notable African Americans for her actions with the Underground Railroad served as a “conductor”. “During a ten-year span she made 19 trips into the South and escorted over 300 slaves to freedom,”…but I you already knew that.

ANYWAYS….tell me your thoughts!!! DO YOU THINK YOU WOULD HAVE MADE IT?

Also feel free to name a notable African American…I will do my best to write a blog about it and share YOUR idea/event/person with the WORLD.

Written by Ashlee Babb, TWP Volunteer

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